"A vampire from the Mafia, Doctor? Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Absolutely not. But if we already knew what to expect from every test subject, it wouldn't be much of an experiment, would it?"

Current Status
Blood Points: 8 of 10 Willpower: (5) of 5 Wound Level: Uninjured

(Subject ID#) ParametersEdit

Name: Jacob E. Cerone S cerone
Race & Kind: Italian Vampire
Sex: Male
Age (Apparent): 105 (22)
Hair/Eyes: Brown / Hazel
Height/Weight: 5' 11" 208 lbs.
Bloodline: Brujah
Essence Rating: 13th
Archetype: Thrill-seeker
Place of Origin: Sicily, Italy
Criminal History: Murder (O)

Estimated AttributesEdit

Strength 35 Charisma 35 Perception 35
Dexterity 45 Manipulation 25 Intelligence 25
Stamina 35 Appearance 35 Wits 25
Specializations: Dexterity (Lightning Reflexes)

Abilities and AptitudesEdit




Alertness 25 Animal Ken 05 Academics 05
Athletics 35 Crafts 05 Computer 05
Brawl 35 Drive 25 Finance 15
Dodge 45 Etiquette 15 Investigation 05
Empathy 15 Firearms 35 Law 25
Expression 05 Melee 05 Linguistics 05
Intimidation 25 Performance 05 Medicine 05
Leadership 05 Security 15 Occult 05
Streetwise 25 Stealth 25 Politics 25
Subterfuge 35 Survival 05 Science 05
Specializations: Dodge (Sidestep)

Supernatural DisciplinesEdit

Celerity 25 Potence 25 Presence 05

Development FactorsEdit




Resources 25 Ambidextrous Deep Sleeper
Contacts 15 Repulsed by Garlic
Herd 25 Casts no Reflection

Esoteric ValuesEdit


Final TraitsEdit

Conscience 35 Humanity 5525
Self-Control 45 Willpower 5505
Courage 55 Experience (15) of (27)

Background InformationEdit

Recent findings show the Jacob Cerone has recently been working in a bar known as Total Eclipse out of Chicago for the last 3 years.

It is known that the vampire who turned him was named Viktor Fedoseev and that his sire met his final rest in 2007 as a result of diablerie.

(Information on this vampire is still being retrieved and is to be added as it is found)

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Researcher NotesEdit

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